My career experience and skills grew from my childhood hobbies, starting when I was 10 and I got my first computer. Instead of playing games, I liked creating things. I spent hours downloading movies, authoring DVDs and creating personalized DVD Covers. When I got my first camcorder Sony MiniDV, my parents and friends became my biggest movie stars. I have never had any doubts about my great passion. Cinema, video and television have always been magical for me, and I realized that, when editing a video, my signature would be recorded on it. If 100 people edited the same material as me, somehow my editing would still be unique, because my views, passion and experience would translate into it. Over the years, the hobby got serious, but it never stopped being my favorite play. Today, with over 10 years of professional experience as a video editor, I realize that I could not have chosen a profession that best fits my profile. A video editor needs to be detail-oriented, patient and hardworking, which are some of my greatest qualities.

2014 at Bandeirantes Broadcast Television

My professional career started as an art assistant and motion graphic designer, where I acquired an excellent base and knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. My job as an art assistant was to edit all the photos so that the art directors could create the scenarios for the animations in After Effects. After some time of experience, I started working as a Junior Motion Graphic Designer, preparing all the animation scenes inside After Effects, and making changes to existing projects. Then, I worked my way through post-production sector, starting as Junior Video Editor, and in less than 1 year I got promoted to the main Video Editor of the company. For a long time working at Tatanka Films, I have edited TV commercials, Documentaries and Videos for the internet. With 3 years of experience as a Video Editor, I have received an offer to work in one of the largest media production company in Brazil (Bossa Nova Films), editing a weekly TV documentary show called Globo Ecology for the largest broadcast television channel of Brazil, Globo TV. After a season, I have received a new offer to work for the second largest broadcast television company in Brazil (Bandeirantes Broadcast Television), where I spent 6 years editing sports. The major events that I had the pleasure working on were FIFA Soccer World Cup 2014/2018, Summer Olympic Games 2016, Winter Olympic Games 2014, World Series of Poker, Roland Garros, NBA, UEFA Champions League, among others.

After all this time working in Brazil, I realized that I needed to look for a new challenge for a professional growth, to know a new audiovisual market and expand my knowledge, for this reason I chose to study Broadcast Television in Toronto at Seneca College.  2020 was a year of personal and professional growth and now I am open to new work proposals as a video editor with great knowledge in Motion Graphics Designer. If you are looking for a dedicated, passionate professional, willing to grow and contribute to the growth of your company, we can have a coffee and talk further.

Portfolio Gilberto Rios

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